Consignor How-To: Regain access to SimpleACH Direct Deposit

Our consignor software was updated on January 15, 2024, which caused consignors to lose access to SimpleACH direct deposits. If you’d like to regain access to direct deposit, please do the following:

    • Email us a new email address. *This email address must be different from the one previously used for your consignor account.
    • We will send a consignor access invite to your new email address, which will allow you to set a password and gain access to your consignor portal.
    • Re-link your bank account by selecting the SimpleACH tab on the left hand side of the screen and following the prompts. 
    • Send us an email when you are ready for us to initiate your direct deposit. 

The new email requirement is a regulation of Dwolla, the financial institution that secures direct deposits, so we can’t change it, but we are very sorry for the inconvenience and hassle!  

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you for consigning with us!!

-Creature Team

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