Meet the Creatures

Our incredible employees are a huge part of what makes Creature special!


ISABELLE is our manager! She’s originally from Baltimore, but has lived in Seattle for 8 years. In her free time she likes to stare at her dog Minnow, collect tchotchkes, read short stories, drink beers with friends, swim in Lake Washington, and listen to crystal singing bowl sound baths on YouTube with all the lights off. Her favorite Creature find is a blue opal ring that she wears every single day. She loves a good roadside attraction and dreams of one day visiting the World’s Largest Pistachio in New Mexico. She describes her style as “what someone else would wear to do yard work.”


MIA is our weekend manager! She’s a Cancer and was born right here in Seattle! Horror films are her favorite but she won’t shy away from a good rom-com. A favorite purchase of hers from Creature is a pair of Frye O-Ring Harness boots which she loved so much she bought a second pair.


ALLI is our lead buyer! Her favorite part about working in consignment is being able to witness the positive impact circular fashion has on the environment as well as seeing the wide range of clothing that comes in everyday. Her favorite purchase she’s made at Creature is a pair of Y2K Prada Wedges that are to die for. When she’s not at Creature, Alli loves reading and listening to music of almost all genres. Dinner and a concert is her ideal evening!


DONNA is one of our sales associates and our assistant buyer! She’s from Whidbey Island, the best thing she has gotten from Creature is a hammered sterling silver choker, her favorite Sanrio character is Badtz-Maru, and a flower that captures her essence is a blue lotus!


SYD is one of our sales associates! They have lived their whole life in Washington and love a good rainy day. In their free time they like to skateboard, play pool with friends, and work on art projects. Their favorite part about working at creature is witnessing people’s excitement finding items that express themselves and being a part of sustainable fashion.


NATE is one of our sales associates and the newest member of the Creature team! His favorite work of art is ‘Magnet TV’ (1965) by Nam June Paik. The best clothing item he’s gotten from Creature is a vintage Ann Demeulemeester blazer! His favorite podcasts right now are Otherworld, New Models, and The ION Pod, and his favorite soccer team is Arsenal.


CYBELE is one of the owners of Creature! She is originally from Virginia and misses porch sitting and thunderstorms but is grateful for tall mountains and Pacific salmon. Her favorite villain is David Bowie in Labyrinth, and if she was a bird she’d be a great blue heron. Cybele makes a really good panzanella salad and the first two albums she purchased with her own money were R.E.M-Green and Paula Abdul-Forever Your Girl. She describes her style as Art Teacher meets Progressive 80s Dad. The best thing she’s gotten at Creature is a fleece jacket from 7115 by Szeki in the perfect shade of green.


EMILY is one of the owners of Creature! Emily’s favorite thing about working in consignment is sorting through a fresh bag of clothing and the thrill of imminent treasure (if she were a bird, she’d be a crow, chasing down soft bits of fluff to line her nest.) Emily’s other loves are her elderly cat, Juice, reading short stories, novels and essays about Florida and visiting her family in Alaska, where she grew up. Emily also owns Editor Consignment, located on NW 70th St. just north of Ballard.

Consign with Us

Earn credit with Creature and help fill our racks with a sustainable selection of clothing.